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Apr. 29th, 2012

10:17 am - Done recently (20120425 We - 28 Sa)

The house looks very strange: all full of boxes, and big gaps on the shelves. The garage attic has space in it! Colleen and her minions have made huge progress, and I've started triaging the books in the office as well. Half-Price Books in Fremont loves us.

It feels strange, too. Definitely a roller-coaster ride. I was shocked to realize how many lives we're affecting with this; how much we'll be missed; how much a part of the community (for certain values of "the") we and our house have become. It's time, but Oh! it's difficult.

I have not been walking much. Not nearly enough. Nor have I been doing enough music. Though I've at least started there, doing a little work under the Albums directory. This is in part because I really want to get restarted on my second album, and in part because [personal profile] chaoswolf has asked for a recording of The Queen of Night so she can learn it.

I also went to my first (of two) coaching session at LHH, plus another on-site course. That was on Wednesday; I've spent much of the time since then working on my resume and LinkedIn profile. One of the cool things my coach showed me was wordle.net, which makes word-clouds. Very cool, and a great tool for seeing what words are most (over)used in one's profile or resume.

Here's one for Quiet Victories. I'm strongly considering doing this for all my songs.

I received the invitation to my brother's wedding: it's a little over a week before Westercon, in Logan, Utah. So we decided to make it a family road trip. It'll be somewhat crazy, but probably cheaper than flying even when you factor in the hotel rooms and gas. And an Adventure!

Oh. Wait. Adventure?

Lots of links, many of them rather disturbing. But... a sub-$500 3D printer would be way cool. So would a Pebble E-Paper watch.

0425 We
  * up 6:35; W=196.6; d, n, t, hair; dishes, laundry
  * move:  pulled out a pile of older computer books that I'm never going to
    look at again. 
  * 10am Coaching session: Marlies Lloyd
    CRN web resources demo.  "build list" function in OneSource
    @ wordle.net builds word clouds from pasted-in text -- very cool
    * (0426) resume:  take out "I"
      don't put address on resume, just city.  
      Don't overuse "Ricoh" (see wordle cloud)
         Use Ricoh Innovations, Inc. in heading; CIC, EWS, CRC in subheads
      under experience:  "so what?" -> results
  * walk + lunch.  Just down to the end of the block and back, but fairly brisk.
  & Nice conversation w. (former coworker) Bill Cassidy; briefly saw Mike Pogue
  * 1pm-3:30 LHH Module I: Implement Search
  * 5pm: Avoiding
  * tracking down old Linux distros for (former Zilog coworker) Ken Feil
  @ Wordle - Quiet Victories 
    @   Wordle: Quiet Victories

0426 Th
  * up 7:10; W=194.2; d, n, t;
  @ Spring Cleaning For Freelancers (or, It Turns Out Information Isn’t Free) @inkyelbows
  * spent morning editing/tightening-up resume
  * more culling in computer books
  * callback from bank re: the annuity.  Probably best to leave it for now.
  ~ activate replacement phone - can't seem to do this online
  * Go in to AT&T to get the contacts, etc. transferred.
    Apparently micro-SIMs don't hold contacts!  Talk about lock-in.
  * see if we can return the gophone.  YD has an identical one.
    -> done, but we only got $8 back after the $35 restocking fee.  :P
  * some brisk walking in parking lots.
  ! (17:31:37) mdlbear: Basically OK but some scared, tired, and generally
    freaked out lurking in the background. 
  @ Former MakerBot exec launches Solidoodle sub-$500 3D printer -- Engadget 
  @ Insanity: CISPA Just Got Way Worse, And Then Passed On Rushed Vote | Techdirt
  * Thankful Thursday
  @ 9 Timeless Leadership Lessons from Cyrus the Great - Forbes
  * sorted and discarded a file drawer and box full of old receipts.
    CC receipts will have to be shredded
  * a little work on users/steve/Albums/stars.  About damned time...

0427 Fr
  * up 6:50; W=194.8; d, n, t; dishes, exercise
  @ Planetary Resources – The Asteroid Mining Company (via Wombat)
  * culled 2' of books from the office
  * noodling.
  @ What a Facebook Phone Will Look Like: Features and OS | Wired.com
  @ Samsung Ends Nokia’s 14-Year Run as Biggest Handset Maker - Bloomberg 
  @ NYC Woman Moving To AZ For ‘Pregnancy Begins 2 Weeks Before Conception’ Law
  $ L 49 DMV reg. renewal for ford van filed online
  * Tax refunds have been deposited
  * pay bills!!
  * linkedin: put specialties and skill keywords in summary
  * apply for unemployment insurance.
  & Chinese again, via GrubHub.  Nice thing about having it delivered is that we
    can make our own rice.  Brown basmati -- yum!
  @ More Job Seeker Information esp. services for older workers
  * book triage in the office, receipt sorting in the attic.
  @ An Introvert's Guide to Networking - Lisa Petrilli - Harvard Business Review
  @ How to Spring Clean Your Resume | CAREEREALISM
  @ 7 Key Ways to Promote Your Personal Brand | CAREEREALISM 
  @ 3 Rules to Smart Business Card Etiquette | CAREEREALISM

0428 Sa
  * up 6:35; W=196.2; d, n, t; dishes
  @ 25 Reasons I Hate Your Main Character ysabetwordsmith 
  @ Book Excerpt: Bruce Perry’s Fitness For Geeks
  @ Secrets of lost ghost ship revealed Tsunami debris
  @ Fitbit, Pebble: E-Paper Watch 
    Question is, which one?  Fitbit now ready to go, or Pebble later and maybe
    have to wait even longer for an app.  More precisely: Pebble only, or both.
  * Received invite to Al's wedding, 6/26.  Road trip combined with Westercon!
  @ European Pirate Party shares copright reform alternative to ACTA 
  ->More Job Seeker Information esp. services for older workers
  * guacamole and non-margaritas:  tequila, mandarine, lime juice.
  * add REST (web) to specialties/skills on LinkedIn
  @ gridlore | The plot to destroy America.

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