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Apr. 30th, 2012

11:08 pm - Done yesterday (20120429 Su)

I went out for a walk -- the Los Gatos Creek Trail out-and-back -- in the afternoon. For a while I was worried: it was starting to get mildly painful around 1.5mi; the endorphins kicked in at around 2.75 and I ended the walk with a distinct high. Perfect weather, too.

I made sangria (from scratch, using one of our lemons and 5 of Ken's oranges), and "chili dogs" for dinner. Actually, hot-dog sized Polish sausages split in half, with leftover chili, onion, and cheese on top. Yummy.

A great deal of progress is being made in the garage attic.

On another day, my highted link might have been More on DRM and ebooks in Charlie's Diary, but today Permission to Live: Unwrapping the Onion trumps it easily. You'd think an extreme fundamentalist couple's marriage would be blown sky-high by the revelation that the husband would rather be a woman. This is a heart-warming exception. 9 parts and well worth the read.

0429 Su
  * up 6:50; W=196.2; d, n, t, hair; dishes, laundry
  @ Study: 95% Of Independent Restaurants Don’t Have Mobile Sites, Only 40%
    Have Online Menus | TechCrunch 
  @ More on DRM and ebooks - Charlie's Diary 
  * walk:  d=3.13, c=310, s=3.0, t=1:01  Started feeling it at ~1.5mi;
    the endorphins kicked in ~2.75.
    ! much better than when I got up.
  * buy:  bagels
  @ More on DRM and ebooks - Charlie's Diary 
  * buy:  pantsu
  * dinner:  sangria; chili dogs (actually Hebrew National Polish sausage, but...)
  @ A Tale of Two Moms, a Teenage Son—and a Video That Wouldn’t Die 
  @ Permission to Live: Unwrapping the Onion 9 parts and well worth reading
  @ Republicans have Awakened a Livid Female Giant Who Will Make Them Pay 

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