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May. 5th, 2012

11:06 am - Done recently (20120503 Th - 0504 Fr)

Progress? A lot of puttering, and two job applications. N. persuaded me to set a minimum goal of 2/week. And I re-pinged Google. Apparently I've let a couple of emails get stale on my stack, so I've gone back and replied to some of them.

Thursday's webinar on career objectives was useful -- that's one of my highest priorities, since just about anything in the IT field is going to be a career change from "software research". The other high priority is figuring out what my budget is going to be, since I'm highly unlikely to be making anywhere near the same amount after the move. I need to know what my bottom line is.

The house is looking much "better", thanks to the efforts of minions good friends Devon, Liz, and Ogg. Huge amounts of stuff have been recycled, friendcycled, donated, sold to used bookstores, or put on the discard pile. What's left is probably still too much for an apartment, but it'll go into storage until we get into a house a year or so down the road.

Some of that stuff hasn't been touched in over two decades. Three, in a few cases. Gleep!

We're running across some fascinating old stuff, though. One of the most interesting was an old self-assessment I did toward the end of my previous job. Not all of it is relevant anymore, but it's interesting.

AT&T pushed an update to my phone, but it still wasn't Ice Cream Sandwich. :( I installed Eclipse, thinking that I probably ought to get familiar with it, and do some Android development. We'll see how far I get with that, but my Java is pretty rusty and could use some work.

Naomi and I had time yesterday to work a little bit on our upcoming Westercon concert set. We discovered that I can, in fact, come up with harmonies. Not in real-time, but once I have the chords down I can pretty easily improvise a harmony line that fits them, and Naomi has a good enough memory for melodies that together we can make it work. Cool!

I'm still not walking nearly enough, though I did do a 1.4mi loop around the neighborhood yesterday morning.

Several links. Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? Probably. And I and many of my friends in filking show up in Eye On The Bay: Those Other Conventions Pt. 2

0503 Th 
  * up 6:40; W=196.8; d, n, t; dishes
  : AT&T pushed an update to my phone, but it wasn't Ice Cream Sandwich :(
  * installed eclipse (Algol only), ant
  @ Is Sitting a Lethal Activity? - NYTimes.com via Mary Anne Mohanraj 
    " Over a lifetime, the unhealthful effects of sitting add up. Alpa Patel, an
      epidemiologist at the American Cancer Society, tracked the health of
      123,000 Americans between 1992 and 2006. The men in the study who spent
      six hours or more per day of their leisure time sitting had an overall
      death rate that was about 20 percent higher than the men who sat for three
      hours or less. The death rate for women who sat for more than six hours a
      day was about 40 percent higher. 
  @ When Choosing a Job, Culture Matters via rowanf
  * walk:  d=1.38 s=3.1 c=174 t=0:32; Parkmoor - Bascom loop.
  * 11am webinar:  CAREER OBJECTIVES - Assess Your Career Options ginny.aguilar@lhh.com
    What skills do you have that you can, and are *willing*, use again?
    What do you *want* to do?  --  Work content.  Transferable.
    What would your ideal job look like?  What _was_ I doing?
    Resume has to be clear on what you want to be doing.  Future focussed.
    OneSource (looks at industries), Career Search
    Assess your skills, interests, and values
    What do I *bring to* a company?  What can I do for them?
    Self assessment:  Every 3-5 years
      1. What do you do best?  skills, knowledge, competencies; personal characterists
      2. What do you like to do?  interests
      3. What are your priorities in life? values, preferences, motivators
      	 => motivators is a tough question for me.
    Accomplishments - SOAR stories.  The "R" part is what goes on your resume.
  * 1pm UBOC:  meet with Manus Duffy re: getting more out of the Hartford thing
  @ node.js web *servers* in JS.  Cool!
    -> definitely want to try this!
  & registered at allied electronics to be notified about 
    @ Raspberry Pi SBC
  * Job app: Zillow: Sr s/w engr - Java
  @ Judge: An IP-Address Doesn’t Identify a Person (or BitTorrent Pirate) |
    TorrentFreak +Annonymous
  @ Furious judge decries "blizzard" of copyright troll lawsuits 
  * mail to Jordin inquiring about Planetary Resources
  @ Study Reveals Atheists Are MORE Compassionate And Generous Than Highly
    Religious People | Addicting Info via fb:Nora Rivkis
  @ Paul Krugman on How to Fix the Economy - and Why It's Easier Than You Think

0504 Fr
  * up 6:35; d, n, t; hair, dishes, exercise
  @ Cello Wars (Star Wars Parody) Lightsaber Duel - The Piano Guys - YouTube
  * apply for Platform Engineer, Apps — Mozilla Jobs — Open Positions at Mozilla Labs 
  * 15min:  clearing space in the music corner of the LR.
  @ Emergency Flash update fixes security bug being used to hijack PCs 
  * renew ACM membership
  @ Upcoming | ACM San Francisco Bay Area Professional Chapter
  * practice.  Worked out harmony for the chorus of As You See.  Apparently I
    can do it, as long as somebody with a superb memory for melodies is there to
    keep me honest.
    [ Battlefield Far From Home, As You See, Kitchen Heroes, The Fox ]
  : another call from a local recruiter.  May be getting it from the resume, or
    perhaps from the area code.  No way to fix the latter, since google voice
    doesn't have Seattle numbers yet.
  @ Eye On The Bay: Those Other Conventions Pt. 2 « CBS San Francisco
    Consonance.  Via hsifyppah 
  @ Even Grown-Ups Need Security Blankets fb:Tessara Gabrielle Dudley

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