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May. 9th, 2012

11:20 am - Done this week (20120507 Mo - 08 Tu)

Hmm. I hadn't thought it was a particularly productive couple of days, but looking back on them I've done a fair amount. Even a walk.

I've finally started to get some traction on the job search, including talking to a couple of recruiters and my coach at LHH, and filling in some of the background. Actually, the most encouraging thing was looking at salary ranges and cost of living for Seattle. The latter is about 24% lower than San Jose, and my pension (which starts in June) accounts for another 12% or so. Social security, next March, will be another 12%. So not even counting downsizing and tighter budgeting, I'll be able to maintain my current profligate lifestyle on a comparatively modest income.

The really scary thing is still health care. Especially if we can't get Colleen on Medicare early. My cousin Caroline, who has a degree in social work, has offered to help with that, but it's still scary.

Spent quite a while fielding calls from moving companies, after requesting quotes via moving.com. Told them all to call back in June after we've done more triage.

I keep waffling about whether this is a good move, but right now I'm feeling pretty optimistic. Monday was a bit down. Uncomfortable things. Make you late for dinner.

Lots of links in the notes.

0507 Mo
  * up 6:45; W=198.8; d, n, t; dishes, laundry
  @ Could These Start-Ups Become the Next Big Thing? - NYTimes.com 
  @ Crowdfunded Creativity - Some thoughts about Kickstarter
  * wake N ~8:30
  @ Nielsen: Smartphones Used By 50.4% Of U.S. Consumers, Android 48.5% Of Them 
  * finally got N's Macbook (Silverlode) set up for her.  Next time, do all
    setup in the target account with a temp password.
  * 10:15 Get N. to the airport ~10:40.   
  * Seattle/Tacoma, WA - SEA  FROM  San Jose, CA - SJC   Confirmation # IFFJ8K NAOMI
    Return May 09 Mo 12:40PM    San Jose,  CA (SJC) to
    	       	     02:45PM	Seattle/Tacoma,  WA (SEA) Flight #902
  @ IT security? You're doing it wrong! | ZDNet UK 
  @ The Broad Strokes of the Hachette, HarperCollins and S&S Price-Fixing Settlement 
  @ Firebase - A scalable real-time backend for your website interesting.
    Not open source, though, as far as I can tell.  Basically a json store.
  * be sure to research salary ranges (glassdoor)
    Senior Software Development Engineer at Microsoft $117,335 	$75k-$151k
    Software Development Engineer at Microsoft	        87,768 	$52k-$192k
    Software Development Engineer II at Amazon.com     $99,883 	$81k-$150k
  @ The Innovation Needed Before eBooks Replace 'pBooks' - The Next Web 
  . check profiles for address; update resumes.  
    -> Dice.com insists on a full address. :(
  * order humira, KCl
  * 15min:  recycling and triage in the garage
  . continuing to test the YD's 500GB external drive.  No errors, but it
    occasionally makes noises suggesting retries or failover to backup sectors.
  * received notice from my 401K that I'm about to get a lump-sum payment.  OK,
    time to figure out whether I want it in Wells Fargo Advisors, Union Bank, or
    Raymond James. 
  * request moving quotes from moving.com.  Should show up in a couple of days.
    Cunningham called - will called back ~June 1; quotes good for 60days
    Alied called.  Told them to call back too.
    Cunningham Moving & Storage	415-822-4000	U.S.DOT No.049922
    Ace Relocation Systems, Inc.-San Jose, CA	866-777-8407	U.S.DOT No.125550
    Move-Pros	   	    	     	   	800-946-8852	U.S.DOT No.70719
    Lightning Van Lines, Inc.			877-247-6683	U.S.DOT No.1176334
    Allied & North American Van Lines		800-823-0849	U.S.DOT No.76235
    Beltmann Relocation Group			800-837-4158	U.S.DOT No.70851
  @ Cost of Living comparison calculator 
    You may take a 24.38% decrease and still maintain your standard of living.
  : Some nice encouragement from Colleen
  * now have exit, vision, and positioning statements.

0508 Tu
  * up 6:50; W=197.2; d, n, t; laundry; dishes
  @ Crowd Funding Websites - Strategy of Innovation 
  & apparently I forgot to symlink .xinitrc after I moved it to Config.  
    My gnome configuration is Really Old.
  * order:  simvastatin
  @ yuki_onna | Too Smart for Kids: A Promise to the Readers of Fairyland
  @ What’s deadlier than the Death Star? The rm * | Files That Last *headdesk*
  @ The genius of Maurice Sendak +vixy 
    "Maurice Sendak understood better than anybody that kids need literature
     that makes adults uncomfortable"
  @ How Hewlett-Packard lost its way - Fortune Tech
  * book flight for late May to Seattle.  Decided driving would give us too
    little time, while flying, with hotel and car rental, would be too
    expensive (and uncomfortable for Colleen).  So going up solo.
  . budget (minimum SWAG):  rent, food, guessed-at utilities and insurance
    somewhere around $4.5K/month.  This will be covered by SSI and pension.
  * callbacks from Lightning Van Lines, Beltman, and Move-Pros
  * buy: pantsu
  * 3:00 PM-4:00 PM Marlies LHH coaching
    discussed statements, resume, google, mozilla, and planetary.
    -> "functional" resume should emphasize web-related accomplishments, but
       otherwise stay pretty much the same.  Functional resumes are red flags.
  * walk:  d=1/76, s=3.1, c=171, t=0:34 - airport along Guadalupe R. 
  * humira ready for pickup:  05/08/12 12:00 PM
  * load drugs
  * moving quote from PODS.  Had to lie about date
    YOUR NEXT STEP: Call 888-847-3792 and provide your Quote #: 14740769 (East coast)
  * quote requested from ReloCube via moving.com
  @ Packing Survival Guide – Moving Tips for Packing – Moving.com 
    Think outside the box. For items you think will be stored in the attic,
    garage or closet at your next home, consider getting inexpensive plastic
    storage bins. The home improvement and general merchandise stores usually
    carry them. This will save you on buying extra boxes and unpacking them when
    you get to your new home. Also, for stuffed animals, towels and other soft
    items, consider using large trash bags, they are much cheaper than moving boxes. 
  @ Comparing the Top Eight Moving Container Companies - Moving.com 
  @ Paul Krugman: How Bad Things Are (ysabetwordsmith)
  * update gig list in s.s.net

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