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May. 13th, 2012

10:01 am - Done yesterday (20120512 Sa)

A pretty good day; mostly sort of relaxing. I got in a two mile walk to Zanotto's, the local high-end grocery store, to pick up a few missing ingredients for dinner. And ordered moving boxes. Tapeless moving boxes -- the best kind.

Ogg and Liz came by early to take four van-loads of junk off of our driveway and into the Cleanup Day dumpsters. A lot of the mess is gone now. We still have a lot in the garage and the office, though.

I finally got around to editing Naomi's narration into the Lookingglass Folk at Conflikt 2012 page. Only four months late.

The Mutopia Project looks cool. Crowdsourced PD music scores. Go for it!

0512 Sa
  * up 7:50; W=197.2; d, n, t; dishes
  * Spring Clean Up Day -> Ogg and Liz took 4 van-loads out of the side yard.
    My stuff in the garage and office still needs triage :(
  * Westercon panel survey 
  * register with California Job Service:: CalJOBS:: Employment Resource
  @ The Mutopia Project via David Rood
  * order:  moving boxes (Bankers Box 6 Lg, 8 Med, 10 Sm) from Amazon
  * walk:  ~2mi; s=2.9 Zanotto's
  * made salad, beans-and-sausage, and white corn for dinner.
  * Text from N's script. (for Concerts/2012/01/27-29-Conflikt/)
    @ Lookingglass Folk at Conflikt 2012 
  * work on Tools/Makefile

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