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May. 28th, 2012

09:36 am - Done around Baycon (20120525 Fr - 27 Su)

Back in the early days of 2012 we decided to skip Baycon this year and go to Clockwork Alchemy. Best-laid plans? That was before we decided to move to Washington. So we day-tripped the 30th anniversary Baycon instead, to have a better opportunity to say goodbye to people.

Baycon doesn't seem to be in the best of shape. It's gotten noticably smaller over the last few years (we can perhaps blame the other cons in the area for some of that, but I don't think for all of it). I dropped Colleen off in the morning, did some shopping on the way home, worked at home for a while, then left for the con myself in late afternoon. Little to no daytime programming I was interested in; the few concerts didn't start until night-time. I stayed for the open filking on Saturday, but was thoroughly wiped out by the time I got back home.

So I only sang three songs over the weekend, and don't remember most of them. Bigger On the Inside was the last one. Tiny circle.

Some good conversations, though.

I mentioned shopping. REI is having a sale; I picked up an Agility Sling Bag and a Hood River hoodie. The Agility bag, whose name appears to be Angelique, is apparently a redesign of the Mini that I've been using since last year; it's a little shorter and more rectangular rather than tapered. This makes it much easier to get my netbook in and out -- it has a padded sleeve that it fits perfectly into. There's also a nice organizer panel. And it's almost exactly the same size as the Belkin computer bag, and fits perfectly inside Chami. And there are several different ways of attaching it on the outside, as well.

I toyed with the idea of getting a rolling duffle (Ross has 'em for cheap) for gigs, but realized that it would be too narrow to hold the music stand desks. I'll probably get a smaller duffle for use as a carry-on or secondary bag, because the Hartmann and Colleen's SwissGear are already allocated. I used the Hartmann on my last trip North, but could only get away with that because Colleen wasn't going.

Did I mention that I'm a luggage addict?

In other news, I set up phone interviews with Zillow and Tableau, and paid the security deposit on the new apartment.

0525-8 Memorial Day weekend - Baycon, Conduit, Fanime, Clockwork Alchemy
  @ Clockwork Alchemy 2012  * $55 by end of Feb.  Part of Fanime  daytrip
  * REI sale 0518-28.  Use the 20% off to get a FitBit?  Maybe a lined, hooded jacket

0525 Fr
  * up 6:35; W=198.8; d, n, t; dishes
  @ Power chord - Wikipedia
  : call from a recruiter looking for OO JavaScript libraries such as Node.js, jQuery,
    Prototype and/or Scriptaculous -> add to "skills to learn"
  : email from Zillow - will set up a phone interview for next week.
  * took Colleen & Devon to Baycon.  Stopped at REI on the way home; could not
    find a lined, hooded jacket, so will probably use my 20% on a FitBit.  The
    Agility bag looks great, though -- small enough to fit in Chami, probably
    big enough for Cygnus.  The Monorail would hold Plink, but it's mostly one
    huge compartment and can't hold my wallet! :P  - Agility's strap has
    quick-connects at the bottom, and a better phone/key pocket (Minnie's has
    holes in the mesh now, after only a year.)
  & bought a couple of microfiber "multitowels" at REI in honor of Towel Day.
  = Belkin bag:  14x10x3.  Mini 17x10x4.5.  Agility 15x10x5.  Chami's new GF?
  * 1-3 groceries arriving
  * go back to REI to see whether Agility bag fits clipboard and netbook
    -> it does.  Bought one, (black) along with a "Hood River" hoodie
       (greyish-green).  Cozy, and stuffs nicely into Chami.
    REI Agility Sling Bag hood river hoodie
  * left for Baycon ~5pm; had dinner with Colleen and Jordie.  Much
    conversation.  Avalon Rising was the only concert (and way too loud); no
    open filk visible.  Or audible.  Went home 11ish and promptly went splat.
  * apartment application approved -- paid security deposit.

0526 Sa
  * up 7:35; W=197.2; d, n, t; dishes, laundry
  : The new sling bag's name definitely appears to be Angelique.
  @ Official List Of Words Feds Monitor On Social Networking Sites 
    Analyst Desktop Binder_REDACTED 
  @ How Facebook's IPO Got Hijacked by Computers 
  @ U-Haul: U-Box pods for moving and storage.
  @ Self Storage - Public Storage Facilities - Storage Units
  * 15min:  tighten screws on front door deadbolt
  * 15min:  velcro strap to attach Angelique's handle to Chami's.  Sorta like a ring.
  * panel - starting your own record label
    Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook
  * was attacked (attached) by a Hansa platypus in the dealer's room
    (Colleen had already snapped up the badger)
  * Concerts: Tim Griffin, Allison Lonsdale, Paul Kwinn et. al.
    Probably need to learn Grandmother's Place

0527 Su
  * up 7:35; d, n, t; dishes
  @ How the Professor Who Fooled Wikipedia Got Caught by Reddit - The Atlantic 
  @ Octopi Wall Street! | Mother Jones 
    caption:  I've seen enough hentai to know where this is going... 
  * 15min:  ripping the rest of the G&S, J.S. Bach.
  * started a box for kitchen stuff bound LFP in the first (June) load
  * 15min:  more ripping (now into P.D.Q. Bach)
  * 15min:  some office work
  * Took Colleen to the con.  Stopped at Ross on the way back to look at rolling
    duffels.  30" Nautica and 36" ?? are the top contenders.  The N. is better
    made, and will hold the more compact Stagg mic stands and the folding music
    stand.  The Stagg desks are 14"x19", so probably *don't* fit.
  * research WA State Licensing    Have 30 days to get DL and car reg.
  * Drove by Fanime.  No hope of parking
  * at Baycon.  Lots of people I knew as kids are all grown up now.  Scary.
  * 15min:  added "make push" to ~/push on cygnus.  Really ought to do it as a
    Makefile.  Possibly adding it to Tools/Makefile.  Preferably.
  * some good conversations at Baycon.  IMO it's in decline.  Esp. compared
    with, e.g., Norwescon.  And the mezzanine is horrendously noisy.
  % 9:15 very sleepy
  * left after the Bohnhoffs' concert.
  * I seem to have left my (personal) card case somewhere
  % some pain on the lower left side of my chest.  Not heart.  Gall bladder?
    That would suck.

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