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May. 29th, 2012

10:06 pm - Done yesterday (20120528 Mo)

I spent a lot of time yesterday (and today) ripping CDs so that they can be packed. The ones that aren't in FreeDB, and a few of the ones that, for some reason, my Linux box refuses to read, got sent over to the Mac mini; it worked on a lot of them. I'll have to write a script to translate the filenames to match the conventions I'm using on Linux, but that's easy.

We had an electrician come in to look at our fan/lights -- the fans work fine, but the lights don't. Turns out it's not the remote controls, it's the stupid ballasts. I looked at one -- the insulation on the wiring harness is brittle. Should be easy to replace, in that case.

A little random hacking in the makefile templates, prompted by the fact that the Makefiles in theStarport.org are hopelessly out of date.

Some good links in the notes, several of them music-related.

0528 Mo
  * up 7:30; W=198.2; d, n, t
  @ Viewers' Protest Song Playlist | BillMoyers.com
  @ Hey Kids, Get Off My Lawn: The Once And Future Visual Programming Environment 
  @ Too Big To Fail by Fadin' By Nine (Vancouver, WA) - YouTube (via locked post)
  * 9 -> 10am - Patrick coming over to fix fans
    -> just need new ballasts -- the receiver is ok.
  @ Now Coveted - A Walkable, Convenient Place - NYTimes.com 
  @ $55 million for conservative campaigns — but where did it come from? @lysana
  * 15min: install sloccount on algol; use --addlang makefile to add make
  * 15min:  add shebang to Tools/*.make so sloccount can properly identify them
  * moving:  some organizing, lots of ripping amid the CDs.
  * 15min:  add push and pull targets
  @ BBC News - Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say
  * *lots* of ripping.  It's low duty-cycle, but eats up a lot of mindspace anyway.
    quite a few CDs that were forgotten in piles, including many con CDs.
  : some CDs that aren't in freedb are in cddb; hopefully .aif files (generated
    by iTunes) are usable.  See Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media

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