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May. 29th, 2012

10:06 pm - Done yesterday (20120528 Mo)

I spent a lot of time yesterday (and today) ripping CDs so that they can be packed. The ones that aren't in FreeDB, and a few of the ones that, for some reason, my Linux box refuses to read, got sent over to the Mac mini; it worked on a lot of them. I'll have to write a script to translate the filenames to match the conventions I'm using on Linux, but that's easy.

We had an electrician come in to look at our fan/lights -- the fans work fine, but the lights don't. Turns out it's not the remote controls, it's the stupid ballasts. I looked at one -- the insulation on the wiring harness is brittle. Should be easy to replace, in that case.

A little random hacking in the makefile templates, prompted by the fact that the Makefiles in are hopelessly out of date.

Some good links in the notes, several of them music-related.

0528 Mo
  * up 7:30; W=198.2; d, n, t
  @ Viewers' Protest Song Playlist |
  @ Hey Kids, Get Off My Lawn: The Once And Future Visual Programming Environment 
  @ Too Big To Fail by Fadin' By Nine (Vancouver, WA) - YouTube (via locked post)
  * 9 -> 10am - Patrick coming over to fix fans
    -> just need new ballasts -- the receiver is ok.
  @ Now Coveted - A Walkable, Convenient Place - 
  @ $55 million for conservative campaigns — but where did it come from? @lysana
  * 15min: install sloccount on algol; use --addlang makefile to add make
  * 15min:  add shebang to Tools/*.make so sloccount can properly identify them
  * moving:  some organizing, lots of ripping amid the CDs.
  * 15min:  add push and pull targets
  @ BBC News - Flame: Massive cyber-attack discovered, researchers say
  * *lots* of ripping.  It's low duty-cycle, but eats up a lot of mindspace anyway.
    quite a few CDs that were forgotten in piles, including many con CDs.
  : some CDs that aren't in freedb are in cddb; hopefully .aif files (generated
    by iTunes) are usable.  See Music/iTunes/iTunes\ Media

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